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鼠一鼠二于2017年创立的, 在实验动物纯化饲料行业花费了数年之久,发现中国急需在定制纯化饲料方面有一家可靠而稳定的本地供应商。
SYSETM established in 2017 by Mr John who has been engaed for many years in the purified diets line and saw an urgent need for a reliable source for custom purified diets in China.
   We adher to the advantage of "high-quality, high standard, high starting point ", we are targeting to build a one-stop supplier of laboratory animal disease models and laboratory animal purified diets and to provide high quality products and technical services for the life sciences and biotechnology.
Major products and services of SYSE include world class purified ingredient diets for various lab animals, animal disease models induced by these diets as well as GM animal models that works together with these special diets for specific disease models.
● 用于诱导大小鼠肥胖、二型糖尿病、高脂血症和胰岛素拮抗的超高脂肪(60kcal%)纯化饲料以及相应的动物模型
● DIO series diets used to induced obesity, T2D, hyper-lipidemia and insulin resistance and corresponding animal models
● 用于诱导高血压的高盐纯化饲料以及相应的动物模型
● High salt diets used to induce hypertension and corresponding animal models.
● 用于诱导动脉粥样硬化的各种高脂饲料以及相应的动物模型
● High fat and high cholesterol diets used to induce atherosclerosis and corresponding animal models
● 用于诱导急性非酒精性脂肪肝的氨基酸纯化饲料以及相应的动物模型
● Amino acid diets used to induced NAFLD and corresponding animal models
● 用于诱导各种矿物质或维生素缺乏或过量的纯化饲料以及相应的动物模型
● Purified diets used to induced vitamin and/or mineral deficiency or excess and corresponding animal models
● 根据客户的需求,为客户定制纯化饲料配方和动物模型诱导服务以满足客户科研的需要
● Custom diets and/or animal models based on specific needs

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